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Fast, Efficient, and Reliable Distribution

Based in Tacoma, Washington, IGD was created in response to client demand for a faster way to get their products to market. Our extensive retail experience and expertise are focused on innovative solutions to global inventory management and distribution challenges by offering: one inventory, integrated warehousing and transportation, dedicated technology, and much more.

IGD’s management team is committed to meeting each client’s specific distribution requirements while providing outstanding services, responsive communications, 24/7 transparency, and peak performance. In addition, we look for every possible opportunity for continuous improvement, client cost reduction and control.

We are proud to continually evolve our capabilities to serve your needs with exceptional logistics management to speed up the process of getting your products from “ship-to-shelf’ with an agile integrated distribution system.




IGD uses a proprietary Warehouse Management System to manage all inventory and warehousing functions in real time.

Customer Service

IGD has dedicated customer service teams with retail compliance experience and industry-based knowledge to provide Best-in-Class customer service.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Our integrated system efficiently supports warehousing and transportation EDI transaction sets with full integration to customer ERP and accounting systems.


Close proximity to the ports of Tacoma and Seattle means that IGD is never far from where your products are arriving

Commitment TO Excellence

Continuous improvement initiatives are key to our vision and mission for delivering excellence to our customers in all areas of our operations.

Single Source Solution

Our facilities are located near the ports of Seattle and Tacoma with 280,000 square feet of multi-use capacity.


IGD’s web-based customer portal offers complete on-demand supply chain visibility.

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IGD’s mission is to provide the best logistics strategies and unmatched services that will eliminate or minimize our customers’ retail product distribution challenges. We will help you meet, or go beyond, the requirements of today’s ever-changing supply chain industry. Our goal is to cover all the bases of global distribution with a cutting-edge approach to technical, warehousing and transportation services.

About Me

We started from trucking business in the year 2000 and in response to our clients’ needs, we expanded into warehousing in 2018 and began adding other distribution services to our business. I am very proud and appreciative of the fact that today IGD has become a leader in the distribution industry.

Our key values include 100% customer satisfaction, quick responsiveness to supply-chain issues and meeting all challenges with innovative logistical solutions. IGD’s First priority is always meeting our customers’ needs.

The success of our business is based on the success of your business. We will continue to be committed to using every available resource to provide our customers with the most efficient, timely and cost-saving services available in the industry.

Hardeep Singh

President & Founder