Infinity Global


Commitment to Technology

IGD is committed to leading-edge technology that enables us to innovate solutions at every segment of the supply chain. We use advanced logistics technology to provide our clients with the logistical information they need, at the time they need it. Our system has the capacity to handle the various and complex challenges facing transportation and distribution operations. We do this by integrating our system with the systems used by our client companies, their partners, and their vendors, to give them the accurate real-time data they need to confidently run their businesses.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

As an industry leader in warehousing solutions, IGD’s order processing, fulfillment, and material handling activities are powered by a proprietary, real-time WMS that provides the foundation for our operational excellence.

IGD’s WMS capabilities include:


Client Web Portal

IGD’s Client Web Portal is your window into the logistics segment of your business operation. The Portal is designed to capture all warehouse activity in real time, giving you full access to inbound receipts, order processing, inventory management, shipping, reporting, invoicing, etc., for more confident data-driven decision-making