Supply Chain Solutions

We offer a better way to import.. The standard way to get products arriving via cargo transport over the Pacific Ocean is to use the Los Angeles port and load the international containers onto rail to your distribution location somewhere in the US. This system takes a long time.

We offer a better way. By using the Port of Tacoma, you can make the process quicker and take advantage of our full-service system. Our team unloads your shipment and places it in domestic containers, consolidating products into less space. Then, your shipments can travel with one of our team drivers, by truck, and arrive at your desired location in 24 hours, rather than the five days it might take by rail.

Your international container gets returned more quickly at port so you pay less in rental fees, with our team returning containers in around 4-5 days compared to the estimated 60 to 90 days a container can take to return using rail transport.

Benefits of our Drayage & Shipping Solutions

Our warehouse is located close to the Port of Tacoma, giving you a port with easy accessibility and less wait times than other busier West Coast ports. Unloading in our Tacoma port takes four days compared to the 11 days unload in the Port of Los Angeles.

We can take control of the entire process from port arrival to warehousing and distribution, taking multiple steps in the import and shipping process off your hands.

We take your international cargo container, unpack and consolidate products down to smaller, more cost-effective, domestic cargo containers International shipping containers get returned far faster with our system, saving you in rental fees

By unloading your international container into domestic containers, we provide you with truck transloading saving you considerable time over rail delivery.

Have an established distribution center? We’ll transport your goods anywhere in the contiguous US. Or, store and distribute your products out of our Washington state warehouses.