Faster, Smarter Shipping Solutions

A Better West
Coast Port Option

Representative logistics operator providing full range of service in the sphere of
customs clearance and transportation worldwide.

Transportation & Drayage Capabilities

Our fleet is ready for your shipping needs. Whether you need us to get your product to your distribution warehouse in the MidWest or the East Coast, we’re equipped to handle your delivery. One way we save customers time and money is by working with them to analyze where product is ultimately going.

If you need distribution at local retail locations in the Northwest region of the US, we save you the time and expense of transporting that merchandise to your distribution center, only to have to ship it back again to local stores in the Northwest. It’s these types of Smart Supply Chain Solutions that set Infinity Global Distribution apart from the competition.


In house drayage carrier

75 power units with 80 owned chassis

3 strategically located yard combining 7 acres EDI

Serve Port of Tacoma and Port of Seattle